Out With the Old, In With Three New

ESPN announced they are shutting down their public API. This brought sadness to the API Fortress team as the ESPN API was always one of our favorite demonstration APIs, but not for the reason you may be thinking. It was our most active test of the notification system.

The ESPN public API had problems on a nearly daily basis. Our scheduled tests would fail often, and it became apparent they didn’t have a clear cut vision for it. ESPN will assuredly be back with a much improved API program in the near future. With that said, this goes to show you that no matter how large or successful a company is, that success doesn’t automatically translate to their public API program.

In the same couple weeks of that announcement, three new major APIs were announced – Uber, WordPress, and GoGo Inflight. These are three major new players in the ecosystem, with each having clear cut use cases. The API landscape shifts quickly, but the one constant is that its growth is exponential.

Don’t skim too quickly through major tech blogs. New incredible things are popping up daily, and they only receive one article worth of coverage.