Time Zones: A Fascinating and Annoying Invention

giphyDo you realize how complicated time zones are? It leads to confusion in America and Canada, especially if you live right on the line, but have you considered the complications when dealing with it internationally? We have to unfortunately.

When creating a new user in API Fortress, you are presented with a couple hundred time zone options besides the basic American and Canadian ones. We are working to pair that down but there is a very good reason for it, that many North Americans do not realize.

Here is a list that will make your brain explode. Japan does not observe daylight savings, and only some of Australia does. This is why something as simple as UTC +9 does not work exactly. It is sort of fascinating that we have the ability to globally sync up all of our clocks, but we choose to slide the scale of what that moment in time actually means. Knowing the precise time that something occurred is an important factor when reviewing logs to decipher what may have happened to your APIs.

We live in a global economy, and with that comes a responsibility to think that way. This is the sort of Pandora’s Box that we are constantly opening and delving into, and that your test team may not be. It can make a real difference, and is another reason why you should consider checking out API Fortress even if you have already created some testing tools and monitors internally.