Schedule a Test


Scheduling is another unique and powerful aspect to API Fortress. We make it simple to schedule a test to run as often as you like, from any location you choose (based on account type), and with great granularity as to when it runs. Let’s show you how it can work.

Step 1: Publish the Working Copy

API Fortress has a unique working copy vs published system to allow you to edit tests without effecting the live tests. You can learn more about it here. Step 1 is to publish your draft into a working copy.

Step 2: Schedule

Click Schedule button.

Step 3: Create a New Schedule

Click Create New Run button.

Step 4: Fill Out the Fields

Name – As it states, this is just to see a name on the schedules list. We suggest having it make sense like “United States East, Every 5 Mins.”
Note: the run won’t trigger when the test is paused.

Downloader – This dropdown allows you to choose from which datacenter the resources should be retrieved from.

Try a second execution – When this checkbox is selected, another execution will be run after 2m 30s if the initial execution fails. 

Time configuration – This section allows you to choose in which minutes of the hour, which hours of the day, which days of the month, and which months of the year the test is going to run. This is unique in that it gives you the granularity to do things such as schedule executions around things such as a weekly scheduled deployment.

Variable Override – This is another unique feature of API Fortress. This section allows you to override any variable that is defined in the global or data set sections of the test. One easy example is to create a new run that executes in the morning and late afternoon where the variable you override is the domain. Therefore, twice a day the staging environment is tested.