Legacy Documentation
You're viewing legacy documentation for API Fortress (deployed via an on-premises container). To view documentation for the new SaaS version of API Fortress — now known as Sauce Labs API Testing and Monitoring (with Sauce Connect tunnels) — see API Testing on the Sauce Labs Cloud.

Connectors – Hipchat

**To learn how to import a connector click here** Here is a quick guide to setting up a Hipchat integration. First generate your Hipchat personal access token. To do so go to https://[your_company].hipchat.com/account/api Then get the room id you would like to send the alerts to, it can be retrieved in the room details page “API ID” Next use these values to set up the connector in API Fortress: Finally, assign the alert group to the project for which you want alerts from: If you are migrating to Slack, we also have a connector for that! Click here to see how to set up that integration.