API Testing University

API Testing University


Course 1

API Testing Introduction

Course 1 will give you a high level understanding of what an API is and why testing APIs is important. This course will guide you on all you need to know to get started with continuous API testing.

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Course 2

Best Practices

Once you have completed Course 1, jump into Course 2 where you will learn some basic and more advances methodologies for creating good API tests.

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Course 3

Writing Your First Test

Now that you have learned the basics and some helpful tips on how to do API testing, check out Course 3. In this course you will learn how to create your first test. You will learn the different ways to begin writing a test, as well as some more advanced techniques to help you simulate real life scenarios.

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Course 4

Advanced Test Creation

Up to this point you have learned how to create tests and learned some more advanced practices (i.e. variables and environments). In Course 5, you will learn even more advanced API testing techniques, like dealing with authentications.

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Course 5

Executing Tests

Now that you know the basics and some more advanced methods for creating API tests, you will learn how to execute these tests in a couple different ways. In Course 6, you will see automated ways of kicking off and scheduling the tests you have created.

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These classes include high-level overviews of best practices for API testing that our team has gathered over six years as a leader in the API testing space. We will be constantly updating our best practices lessons over time. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us at support@apifortress.com.