Legacy Documentation
You're viewing legacy documentation for API Fortress (deployed via an on-premises container). To view documentation for the new SaaS version of API Fortress — now known as Sauce Labs API Testing and Monitoring (with Sauce Connect tunnels) — see API Testing on the Sauce Labs Cloud.

13. Setup Connectors
       (For Notification and Data)


Connectors are the way API Fortress integrates with other services and platforms to send data and/or notifications to them. A big benefit is how seamlessly API Fortress can be integrated into your day-to-day operations without disrupting workflows. There are two levels of notification integrations:
  • Failures Only Sends a notification only when a test failure happens; this is typical for stateless services such as Slack.
  • Send All Sends all events, including successes; this is very handy when the service needs to log everything or alter a state.

Currently Available

API Fortress offers a full-featured API as well as webhooks for third-party integrations. Any platform with an API can be integrated with API Fortress. Find our current preconfigured connectors and connectors-in-progress in this list:

Basic Setup

There are just three steps to the process:
  1. Go to Company (Team) settings and create an Alert Group
  2. Link a connector to that Alert Group
  3. Connect that Alert Group to specific projects

Steps 1 & 2 – Create an Alert Group, Add a Connector

  1. Access the Company (Team) settings page by clicking the gear icon in the top right
  2. Select “Alert groups” on the side menu
  3. Create a new group of recipients if needed
  4. Click on the connectors icon
  5. Add a new Connector
  6. Choose a service from the dropdown
  7. Enter the required information
notifications - alert group and slack

Step 3 – Assign to a Project

  1. Go back to the main dashboard
  2. Click Settings on a project
  3. Select Alert Group(s) in the Alert Distribution Group field
  4. Click the green checkmark to save
alert group set