Setup Connectors (For Notification and Data)


Connectors are the way API Fortress integrates with other services and platforms to send data and/or notifications to them. A big benefit to using the platform is how it can seamlessly integrate itself into your day-to-day operations without adding new daily work.

There are two levels of notification integrations:

  • Failures Only
    This type will send a notification only when a test failure happens. This is typical for stateless services, like Slack.
  • Send All
    Will send all events, including successes, which is very handy when the service will need to log everything or alter a state.

Currently Available

API Fortress has a fully featured API, as well as Webhooks. Any platform with an API can be integrated to work. With that said, we did preconfigure some. Currently we have:

Basic Setup

There are three steps to the process.

  1. Go to Company Settings and create an Alert Group
  2. Connect a connector to that Alert Group
  3. Connect that Alert Group to specific projects

Step 1 & 2 – Create an Alert Group add a Connector

  1. Access the company settings page, by clicking the gear icon in the top right
  2. Select “Alert groups” on the side menu
  3. Create a new group of recipients if needed
  4. Click on the connectors icon
  5. Add a new Connector
  6. Choose a service from the dropdown
  7. Enter the required information

notifications - alert group and slack

Step 3 – Assign to a Project

  1. Go back to the main dashboard
  2. Click Settings on a project
  3. Select Alert Group(s) in the Alert Distribution Group field.
  4. Click the green checkmark to save.

alert group set