Assert Exists

This assertion is used to check if the element described by the expression exists. The presence of the element, even empty, is enough to consider it a valid assertion. Parameters:
Name Type/Value Required
Expression Expression Yes
Mode ‘all’ or ‘one’ No
Level ‘error’ or ‘warning’ No
Modifier ‘not’ No
Stop test if fails ‘true’ or ‘false’ No
Comment String No
  Expression: It’s the path to the element we want to operate on (ex: payload.ProductID). See Expression for more details. Mode: Specify if all the same elements in the payload should match the assertion (‘all’) or if only one element (‘one’) is enough. Level: Specify if the assertion fails whether it should be considered an ‘error’ or just a ‘warning.’ A warning will not trigger alerts (such as email or text messages). Modifier: The assertion is considered verified if it does not pass. Stop test if fails: The test will be immediately stopped if the assertion fails.   Code View Example:
<assert-exists expression=””/>