Automating 3-Legged OAuth

Does your API require 3-leg authentication? Well with the help of a small helper container you can achieve automation of 3-leg using the API Fortress platform. Thanks to the helper, your local machine can help in the automation of your tests logging in using 3-leg auths such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google.

First let’s deploy the helper container, which can be found at the below link:

Once you have the 3loa folder downloaded, navigate to that folder within a terminal window. Then run the following command to start the 3loa container:
“sudo docker-compose up -d”

The 3-leg helper is now live and can be access from API Fortress using the following URL:

Now that we have that up and running, watch the short video below to learn how to use this in API Fortress to automate your 3-leg OAuth: