Proxy Settings in Downloader

*This is for On-Premises deployments*

If you need your downloader to go through a proxy to reach your API follow the below steps to configure the proxy settings.

Downloader Configuration

You will need to modify the downloader config file, by adding an environment field for proxy settings.

Navigate to the “downloader” folder within your installation files, and find the file named “docker-compose.yml”

At the end of the file will be a section called “environment”, add a field in this section called “proxy_configuration”. See example below:


Navigate to the file named “downloader.yml”.

You will find a section named “env”, add a field to this section called proxy_configuration. See example below:

name: proxy_configuration
value: '{"*":{"address":"","port":3128,"authentication":"basic","username":"foo","password":"bar"}}'

Where “address” and “port” are, respectively, the addresses and port of the proxy. Authentication is optional.

Proxy Configuration Syntax

The proxy configuration syntax is as below (multiple proxy configurations should be comma separated):


There is also a catch-all syntax:


In addition, you can use a wildcard in place of the lowest level of the domain, as in: