4. Using The Vault, Variables and Environments

Using The Vault The Vault is a unique part of the API Fortress platform. Not in terms of the idea, but in the flexibility offered by ours. It allows you to save, edit, and reuse almost anything. This can mean variables, code snippets (think reused authentication flows), or even data! The Vault has two levels, project and global, the project vault will allow use of stored values across any test within that project. Similarly the global vault will allow use of stored values across any test within any project. Using Variables and Environments If properly setup any API Fortress test can be run against any environment. You’ll notice that is what we did in our functional test by turning the API URL into three separate parts –  protocol, domain, and endpoint. This allows you to set the default location under Data Sets (in the left pane), but also you can override those amounts with the Environments tab (shown below). The Environments panel lets you change anything, not just environments. You can run the test against a certain environment, using a different API key, and datasource. This effectively allows you to have pre-set runtime variable overrides.
  To learn more about The Vault and Environments see below links: Learn the Basics, Advanced Use Cases, Environments Basics, Environments Advanced