Legacy Documentation
You're viewing legacy documentation for API Fortress (deployed via an on-premises container). To view documentation for the new SaaS version of API Fortress — now known as Sauce Labs API Testing and Monitoring (with Sauce Connect tunnels) — see API Testing on the Sauce Labs Cloud.

3. Best Practices – Optional

Integrate with your CI/CD

Integrating your API testing into your existing CI/CD flow is key if you are trying to keep all of your deployments quick and frequent. Kicking off a test or suite of tests during the build process allows you to build your new deployment and test it all at once.

Integrate Notification/Data Analysis Systems

Set up notifications to alert you via email, slack, and more when tests fail. Do you already use a platform to analyze all your data, well you can send all your API Fortress test data out to those platforms as well. Now all of your data can live in one place, making it easy to pull and analyze all project data.

Integrate with Test Case Managers

Integrating with your Test Case Manager and communicating the results of tests is important. Having all of your information in your test case manager including test result data makes it easy to understand the entire project. Connectors can be setup to automatically send test results to your test case manager upon completion of scheduled tests.